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Hands on E3: Madden 3DS

NFL football makes its debut on the Nintendo 3DS with the storied EA franchise MaddenMadden 3DS NFL. As EA holds an exclusive license with the NFL, no other football game has come close to the success of Madden. It is with great criticism from both football and video game fans that EA has been lacking in innovation and motivation to create newer and better football games every year. Madden on the console appears to only slightly innovate with each yearly installment.

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Hands on E3: Driver: Driver San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco is the newest installment in the exciting racing series Driver. Driver: San FranciscoOriginally announced by Ubisoft at E3 2010, the game is set for launch in early September and was playable at this year’s E3 event. The game takes place in San Francisco following detective John Tanner hunting down crime lord and mob boss Charles Jericho after escaping from jail. John Tanner, the only man to have ever captured Charles, is just recovering from a devastating car crash putting John into coma. Not realizing he’s still in a coma, John goes through a never before seen journey revealing Jericho’s real plan for the city.

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E3 2011 Wrapup

E3 2011 in the Los Angeles Convention Center held June 7 – 9, 2011 featured a wholeChristopher Lai underneath the E3 entrance arch. slew of new games and gadgets for video game fans across all genres and styles.  The big three in Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony were once again under the spotlight. All eyes were fixed on the three for hints as to where the industry is going next year.

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Hands on E3: The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer for the Microsoft Kinect created by Twisted Pixel showePlaying The Gunstringer at E3d their game off at the Microsoft booth at this year’s E3 convention.  We were able to play the demo on the convention floor and first impressions were good.  The Gunstringer is the first Kinect game to have "sitting support" which means the player is able to be seated during gameplay even though it’s a Kinect game. 

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