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GPS Devices

Cruising With HTC

HTC , a leader in mobile phone innovation and design,released its latest personal navigation handset with inbuilt GPS.  The new HTC Touch Cruise™, an update to 2008’s popular HTC GPS device of the same name, but this one boasts a new, more compact design and a host of new capabilities to offer a richer and more intuitive experience in one powerful package.

The HTC Touch Cruise is the first device to incorporate HTC Footprints™, a new feature that allows people to capture special moments and places in a whole new way.

With HTC Footprints, mobile images are taken to the next level by allowing people to tag their pictures with a variety of additional information.  There are a number of scenarios that you could imagine for this: Family historians can capture audio clips with each image, effectively capturing in the moment thoughts and feelings.

Leisure travelers can take advantage of the included GPS chipset and tag each image with its exact coordinates, as well as rename that image with the location it was taken.  When a person goes back through old images, they find their life’s moments chronicled in detail in the palm of their hand.

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