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Build-a-lot games coming to Android and iOS Platforms


build-a-lot thumb nailYour virtual world of real-estate empires is about to expand. G5 Entertainment has announced that it is teaming up with the well-known developers at HipSoft to bring the latest Build-a-lot games to both iOS and Android platforms.


Award winning Build-a-lot has become one of the most popular casual games on the market today, selling over one million copies on PC, and achieving tens of millions of downloads. It has spent more than 5,840 days (equaling more than 16 years) in the Top 10 Charts of leading portals.


build-a-lot1The Build-a-lot games are based upon the idea of creating, upgrading, and selling the houses of your dreams all while turning ever higher profits. The game's objectives are to meet a series of tasks on each level before advancing on to the next more complex one. The better you get, the more you can build with more options, resources, and ever more expansive houses, keeping players engaged and coming back to see what new mansion, castle, or homestead they can create.


The game will take advantage of the iOS and Android platforms, allowing the gameplay to be enjoyed by using simple on-screen touches and finger swipes - as well as their imagination. With dozens of levels, settings, and sizes of houses ranging from hovels to castles, this will no doubt set a new benchmark for creative gameplay, just as Build-a-lot has continued to do over the years on both PC and Mac.


"We're pleased to be teaming up with HipSoft on such a popular franchise, and are excited to bring it to iOS and Android," said Vlad Suglobov, CEO of G5 Entertainment. "HipSoft established the casual city builder genre with their Build-a-lot games, and we're thrilled to bring these games to the larger mobile audience."


"Our team is really proud of what the Build-a-lot franchise has done so far," said Bryan Bouwman at HipSoft, "We look forward to working alongside G5 Entertainment on bringing our games to new platforms and audiences."


Buid-a-lot is out now on the Android Market and iTunes.

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