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2020 New York Baltic Film Festival: Laughter, Drama, & More from the Baltics


Laughter, chills, and thrills are part of the upcoming New York Baltic Film Festival. Running from October into November, the festival is split into three segments that will be streamed online. October 15 to 18 is the Laugh & Cry segment showcasing comedies such as Chasing Unicorns directed by Rain Rannu, and The Castle, directed by Lina Lužytė. October 29 to November 1 will be Stress & Release: Baltic Thrillers. These tense dramas include Foam at the Mouth, directed by Jānis Nords, and Invisible, directed by Ignas Jonynas. Lastly is Looking Inward & Forward: Baltic Showcase which runs November 12 to 15. These films include Truth and Justice, directed  by Tanel Toom and Oleg, directed by Juris Kursietis.

NYBFF Head of Programs Jūle Mare Rozīte comments on the program: “This year is all about being adaptable and finding new ways to move forward. Even though travel is restricted world-wide, we can still connect with each other through art – and what better way is there than by understanding what makes people smile, what excites them, and how they see the future. We at NYBFF have had to think on our feet, and have come up with a compact and powerful program that brings the culture and spirit of the Baltic States to audiences across the U.S. with the best new films from the region. Laugh, be thrilled, and get introspective like a Balt.”

To learn more, go to:

Baltic Film Festival
October 15 - 18
October 29 - November 1
November 12 - 15


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