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Spring is Here and So is The Big Apple Comic Con


Big Apple Comic Con"Back to Spring”
Saturday & Sunday March 25 - 26, 2023
10am-7pm (early admission 9am)

General Admission $35 Saturday; $30 Sunday;
VIP Admission $90

Two day General Admission $50;

Kids under 14 $15; Kids under 10 are Free.

Meet and Greet with Roy Thomas $220 (Includes Sunday VIP admission)

The New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave
New York, NY 10001

To learn more, go to:

There are comic cons and then there are comic cons. While the New York Comic Con is a huge affair with thousands of attendees and media stars, bigger isn’t necessarily better. And that’s the case here. Thankfully, there has been The Big Apple Comic Con, now in its 26th year. This is the local con that’s about what matters — Comic Books — and all its related creative content. From 10am-7pm (early admission 9am), BACC  is rolling out its 3rd Annual “Back To Spring” event, this Saturday and Sunday March 25th and 26th.

An essential NYC comic book and pop culture collectible event, it’s a national hub for comic book collectors and traders with many of the biggest dealers in the country in attendance and some of the greatest collectibles are exhibited, bought, sold, traded.

In addition, The BACC Back to Spring event will include over 100 artists, guests, exhibitors, and cosplayers, with a special focus on up and coming artists from the NYC area. Guests include:

•Legendary Marvel Comics creator, writer, and editor Roy Thomas who wrote more than 1200 titles, edited over 1000 Marvel books, and is responsible for thousands of subjects produced while Editor-in-Chief at Marvel from 1972 to 1974. Roy is the real deal, a giant of the Silver Age and the man who opened the Bronze Age of comic books. Roy is bringing two exclusive, very limited edition, Variant Covers.

•The King of Indie Animation, twice Oscar nominated Bill Plympton. In 1991, Plympton won the Prix Spécial du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival for Push Comes to Shove which was featured on MTV's animated series Liquid Television. Bill’s cartoons have appeared in the NYTimes, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and his video animation credits include over a dozen Simpsons episodes.

•Alitha Martinez 2018 Eisner Award, and GLAAD Media Award winner (World of Wakanda). Innovative, versatile (Iron Man, Moon Girl, Black Panther, Nubia, Archie), a complete master of the craft and culture, Alitha’s unique style and humane vision emerge whatever subject she creates, her skills just keep growing.

•Best selling author (books, comics, graphic novels), playwright, screenwriter, actor, teacher Clay McLeod Chapman is at the forefront of horror writing (Ghost Eaters, Whisper Down the Lane). The NYTs noted how “Chapman uses the macabre to explore the humanity of his characters and reveal an almost spiritual side to the horrific.” Clay’s comic book credits include Marvel Spiderman , and cutting edge comic book horror

Russ Braun the artist behind Jimmy’s Bastards, and Marvel’s hit Where Monsters’ Dwell, whose long and storied career began at DC comics with Batman and Justice League

Jamal Igle, Inkpot Award winner, artist, editor, art director, creator of the hit comic Molly Danger. His work for DC, Marvel, and Image, from Starship Troopers, Green Lantern, to Supergirl, Iron Fist/Wolverine to Venture, and Nightwing have distinguished him as a master stylist and a major voice of the new generation.

James Sherman a unique comic book artist whose pencils and inks balance color and realism over a 50 year career from DC to Marvel (Superboy, Justice League, Startrek, Punisher, X-Men, Spiderman ...)

Ulises Farinas artist and illustrator of Star Wars, co-creator of Amazing Forest, Cloudia & Rex, Motro, and Gamma (Dark Horse), Lockjaw (Marvel). His most recent work is Dungeons & Dragons

And there is more, including an exclusive Sunday Meet and Greet with Roy Thomas (20 guests only). Origins of Play will again offer a comprehensive, playable history of video games. Pick your favorite from SpaceInvaders to Super Smash Bros and play all day (or park the kids and enjoy our panel events).

Our partner, and the best comicbook sales platform, HipComic is onboard with free books, and a special
membership offer. As is CGC dealer and CGC Signature Series Facilitator, Captured Collectibles.
Of course, BACC’s rightfully famous Cosplay contest, with prizes.

Big Apple Comic Con “Back To Spring is Saturday & Sunday March 25-26 2023 10am-7pm (early admission 9am) Tickets: General Admission $35 Saturday; $30 Sunday; VIP Admission $90; Two day General Admission $50; Kids under 14 $15; Kids under 10 are Free. Meet and Greet with Roy Thomas $220 (Includes Sunday VIP admission)

To learn more, go to:

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