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The New York Television Festival

The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) was founded in 2005 as the industry's first recognized independent television festival, providing a platform to elevate the work of artists creating for the small screen. Held annually each fall in New York City, the birthplace of modern television, the Festival unites artists, executives, industry figures, and fans together in one forum to celebrate the medium and to help shape its future.

The NYTVF's Independent Pilot Competition has established a pipeline allowing producers, writers, and directors to showcase their original TV pilots directly to the decision-makers of the industry. In its first three years, the Festival has featured acclaimed independent pilots that were purchased by networks such as NBC Universal, A&E, and Versus, and that landed a number of TV producers and creators in meetings with major networks and production companies.

The NYTVF offers the next generation of storytellers unprecedented access to development executives and producers looking for the next hit show. All you need is an idea and a video camera.

Along with the Independent Pilot Competition, the Festival presents parties, seminars, and other special events designed to honor television as an institution and as an art form. In 2006, the Festival launched its first “Premiere Week” screening series, which last year featured star-studded, red-carpet debuts of new fall shows from major networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, The CW, and HBO.

In 2008, the NYTVF launched its first ever Industry Day, inviting some of the biggest names in the industry to discuss contemporary issues and future trends affecting both casual fans and TV insiders. The inaugural Digital Day was also presented with MSN, providing a forum for discussions and screenings highlighting the creative frontiers of digital serialized content.

With new platforms and technologies outpacing the current supply of programming, there has never been a better opportunity for aspiring television creators to have their voices heard. The NYTVF spotlights talented artists with the vision and creativity to invigorate the television landscape. Now, for the first time, the doors to television are open.

The 2nd Annual Governor’s Island Art Fair

The 4heads Collective is presenting the opening of The 2nd Annual Governor’s Island Art Fair. The Art Fair will be on view and open to the public every weekend in September, 2009, from 11 am - 6 pm each Saturday and Sunday through September 27.

Gathered together on this bizarre abandoned military base, floating in the middle of New York Harbor are over 100 artists from around the world; painters, sculptors, puppeteers, photographers, performers, sound and video installation artists.

Each artist has been given a room of their own - which they have curated themselves. It’s a lot of art really — five buildings of 3-4 floors each. Come witness the incredible selection of artists that have come out for this event.

It all happens on the island from 3 to 6 pm Saturday Sept. 5th, 2009. The ferry is free. The exhibition is free. There will be provisions and music as well.

There will be live performances every weekend and more art than you can shake a stick at.

Make the last few days of summer memorable and inspiring ones. 

For the Manhattan ferry take the 4 or 5 to Bowling Green. The Manhattan ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Terminal (located adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry).

For the Brooklyn ferry take the A or C to High Street, the 2 or 3 to Clark Street or the F to York Street. It departs from the Fulton Ferry Landing. The last ferry to the island leaves at 5pm. 

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text7444); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit:

13th annual D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival

The free three-day multi-site neighborhood-wide D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival® is a one-of-a-kind art happening: where serendipity meets the haphazard and where the unpredictable, spontaneous and downright weird thrive.

The now teenage D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival® presents touchable, accessible, and interactive art, on a scale that makes it the nation's largest urban forum for experimental art. The 13th annual event presented by the Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) takes places from from Sept. 25th to Sept. 27th, 2009.

Art Under the Bridge is an opportunity for young artists to use any medium imaginable to create temporary projects on-the-spot everywhere and anywhere, completely transforming the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, New York, into a vibrant platform for self-expression. In addition to the 80+ projects throughout the historical post-industrial waterfront span, visitors can tour local artists' studios or check out the indoor video_dumbo, a non-stop program of cutting-edge video art from New York City and around the world.

The immediacy of the event means many artists reflect on current issues: among others, the rise of technology, recession blues, homelessness and environmental concerns, for example:

River's Edge, is a street installation of oyster shells by John Monteith. It remembers the past use of these shells as an industrial material while it celebrates their recent use as an environmental tool.

Welcome to NYC; Boomtown 2006 by Artcodex creates a commentary about the failing boom markets of art and real estate by recreating New York as a post goldrush town. Performance times: Sat. 12-2PM; Sun. 2-4PM

Ballooning Awareness is an interactive roaming performance by John Bonafede that prompts youngsters to answer the question: "What is climate change and what should we do about it?" Performance times: Sat. 12PM; Sun. 12PM

The Tree of Life: Reina Kubota’s plastic bag installation blooms under the night sky.

Stir Crazy: Come see Ryan Roth, forced by these economic times into the endangered, caged and untamed, business werewolf. Performance times: Fri. 8-9PM; Sat. 12-9PM; Sun. 12-9PM

Eco-disco: Join Scott Rummler at the eco-disco and experience a dialogue between nature, technology, and culture.

Tercet: Throughout the streets, Angela Silver questions meaning in contemporary experience by usurping the ubiquitous traffic sign system and replacing the text with multi-lingual poetics.

The Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) has been the exclusive producer of the D.U.M.B.O Art Under the Bridge Festival® since 1997. DAC is a big impact, small non-profit, that in addition to its year-round gallery exhibitions, is committed to preserving Dumbo as a site in New York City where emerging visual artists can experiment in the public domain, while having unprecedented freedom and access to normally off-limit locations.

DAC reports that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has selected the 13th D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival for a case study on outdoor festivals, to be published in 2010.

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