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Kim's Video Resurrected Within Manhattan Alamo Drafthouse


Before the corporate scourge of Blockbuster standardized video stores to be devoid of movies too subversive, queer, foreign, or just remotely interesting, independent video stores had their own curation and feel. And few video stores could hold a candle to Kim’s Video. Comprising several locations throughout the city (but mostly the East Village), Kim’s Video was one of the all time great video stores. It was the kind of place where Russ Meyer and Ingmar Bergman sat side by side, and you could strike up a conversation with the ne'er-do-wells that haunted the place about Kenneth Anger. The St. Mark's Place location, Mondo Kim's was down the block from where Joey Ramone lived. Despite having a collection of over 50,000 films, it wasn’t enough to keep the doors open and the original Kim’s Video closed in 2012 after 26 years in business, with the library of films being moved intact to the town of Salemi, Italy.

Now rising from the ashes, Kim’s Video is returning, complete with its gargantuan collection of films, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Suite SC301). The new Kim’s Video will have an invite-only grand reopening on March 31st, with a rare public appearance by Youngman Kim himself. Now that the collection of films is acquired by Alamo Drafthouse, the films shall also be available for rental from the theater.

To learn more, go to:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lower Manhattan
28 Liberty Street, Suite SC301
New York, NY 10005

Irish Music Comes Alive With Gregory Harrington in Concert

Located in Long Island City, The New York Irish Center (1040 Jackson Avenue) will be launching their new concert series, Ireland Live...From New York. Kicking the series off is an eclectic and intimate evening with musician Gregory Harrington. As he performs a mix of classics and new hits, he’ll be joined by highly-acclaimed musicians Brandon Lewis on drums, Eleanor Norton and Philip Sheegog on cello, the evening will journey from Bach to Miles Davis and Django Reinhardt to U2.

Gregory Harrington is one of Ireland’s most recognizable violinists. He is an international concert violinist and pedagogue who has performed all over the world as a soloist with many orchestras, and he has presented masterclasses in conservatories and universities around the globe. He has released 5 acclaimed albums and performed extensively in major concert halls across the world.

To learn more, go to:

Ireland Live...From New York: Gregory Harrington in Concert
November 10, 2021

1040 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101 

The Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan Opens With Films Celebrating NYC


The Alamo Drafthouse has garnered a cult following over the years, with their own particular brand of offbeat cinema combined with food and drinks. And now their expansion continues into Manhattan. Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan, located at 28 Liberty Street, will be having a “soft opening” from October 18, 2021 through the 21st. Guests will receive special discounts on select food and non-alcoholic beverages while staff trains and gets up to speed. The new theater occupies 37,000 square feet on Floor 2B beneath the landmark 28 Liberty Street building in the Financial District, with 14 screens and 578 seats theater. This is the company’s third New York-area location after Yonkers (2013) and Brooklyn (2016), and the very first in Manhattan. 

For those of you looking to enjoy a refreshing beverage before or after the show, there’s The Press Room, a museum, a letterpress print shop, a bar, and a private event space all-in-one. Along with an ample selection of beers and cocktails, The Press Room also displays selections from a vast archive of over 60,000 letterpress film advertising plates spanning the 1930s through the 1980s. But this collection will also come to life – The Press Room’s 1938 Vandercook letterpress will be inked and ready to be fired up for special screenings with limited edition greeting cards, private events, and classes for anyone wishing to learn the resurgent art of letterpress printing.

Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan will also have a slate of Signature Programming specially curated from each decade of the past century of films set in and about New York City called “Lights of New York” – a nod to the 1928 film that’s been thought of as the first full-length, all “talkie” film.

Films include:

Beginning October 18th

  • SPEEDY (1928)
  • KING KONG (1933)
  • ON THE TOWN (1949)

Beginning October 22nd

  • REAR WINDOW (1954)
  • PUTNEY SWOPE (1969)

Beginning October 29th

  • GOD TOLD ME TO (1976)
  • SMITHEREENS (1982)
  • THE ADDICTION (1995)

Beginning November 5th

  • INSIDE MAN (2006)
  • GOOD TIME (2017)
  • SHIVA BABY (2020)

Additionally, on November 3rd, Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan will participate in Alamo Drafthouse’s “Godzilla Day” exclusive premiere of Toho’s new 4K restoration of Godzilla’s 1954 debut film, GOJIRA.

To learn more, go to:


MOMI Extends "Envisioning 2001" Exhibit

The Museum of the Moving Image
(36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106) will be extending its Envisioning 2001 exhibition, which looks back on Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey through October 17th, 2021.

Exhibition highlights include Special Photographic Effects Supervisor Douglas Trumbull’s concept sketches for Clavius Base, from MoMI collection; costumes, including a space suit worn in the Clavius Base scene and Moonwatcher ape suit worn by Dan Richter in the Dawn of Man scene; and storyboards, contact sheets, test films, and photographs related to the Stargate special effects sequence.

Alongside the exhibition MOMI will also be screening 2001 in both a 4K restoration and a 70mm version (tickets sold separately, there’s also an option to combine your exhibition ticket with a screening ticket). Let me tell you from personal experience, you have not truely seen 2001 until you’ve seen it on the big screen. That’s when it goes from being simply a movie, to a truly awe inspiring experience.

To learn more, go to:

Envisioning 2001
Extended Through October 17, 2021

The Museum of the Moving Image
36-01 35th Avenue
Queens, NY 11106

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