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An "Unbelievable!!!!!" Film For "Trek" Fans

Years in the making and perfect for filling the Star Trek void after the San Diego Comic Con at-home event, comes the film Unbelievable!!!!! – which stars hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg , a puppet named Kirk Stillwood and features 40-plus figures from across the Star Trek universe.

unbe bigThis sci-fi parody film from the husband and wife team of director Steven Fawcette and producer/co-star Angelique Fawcette will have its online premiere on August 1, 2020 -- and that premiere will be part of a day-long celebration and Virtual Convention featuring many of the Star Trek actors involved in the film, including Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley and Gerald Fried, The Original Series composer, as well as movie veteran Robert Davi and Angelique Fawcette -- who is not only the film's producer but its co-star. And Fawcette is a further Hollywood rarity: an African American female indie film producer.

Fans can watch Unbelievable!!!!!, participate in informative panels, hear music from the soundtrack (and enjoy musician drop-ins), engage in one-on-one chats with the talent, win prizes, cosplay and more.

Tickets are available now at

"iMigrant Women": Theater on Zoom

Featuring a cast from around the world, iMigrant Women is a play in three beats about women seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones, either running away from dire poverty, escaping the ravages of war or just simply exploring the freedom to express themselves. Performed over Zoom with cast members in different locations, this play is written by Valentina Acava Mmaka, directed by Nora Armani and starting Adriana Belan (Chicago), Edie Pilar Monroy (Los Angeles), Raquel Appiah (London), Rita Hight (Louisville, KY), and Samar El-Zein (Princeton, NJ). There will be a Q&A with playwright Valentina Acava Mmaka (Kenya), director Nora Armani (New York), and the cast members. 

To learn more, go to:

iMigrant Women
July 25 - 26, 2020

7th Annual Socially Relevant Film Festival Goes Online

Now in its seventh year, the non-profit Socially Relevant Film Festival will be streamed online ( to audiences this June 18th to the 28th. Tackling issues of oppression, identity, racism, and sexism, the Socially Relevant Film Fest has always been upfront on the issues it tackles. Increasing the viewer interactivity of the new digital version of the fest is Meetings with Filmmakers which will be featured on YouTube (, giving viewers a chance to see the people behind these films up close.

The film screening and panel Climate, Violence, and the Environment: Women Paying the Price, features six short film accompanied by a panel discussion. Films such as Like No Other and Mother Daughter Sister come from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and address hard hitting issues facing women around the world. 

Other narrative films and documentaries address gun control (Gun Show and Unsafe), online peer pressure (Butter), women entrepreneurs (Igniting Impact and Our Albertine), Tibetan exiles (Mother of Tibetans) and more.

To learn more, go to:

Socially Relevant Film Festival
June 18 - 28, 2020

The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts: Cinema, Drama, Music & More Online


Crystal Field and Theater for the New City normally present The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts as a three-day live celebration of performing arts. The 2020 edition will be streamed on ZOOM as a unique event May 22 - 24th starting 8 pm. Legendary local disruptor Phoebe Legere heads the lineup of 145 performers and arts professionals especially since the Theater for the New City celebrates its 25th Anniversary on May 23. Legere will play blues guitar and sing her new song, “Maple Syrup Blues” about being in love with a French-Canadian fireman, plus debut her new paintings, which are available exclusively at

Themed “Renaissance: Arts Alive 25” the fest demonstrates that the Coronavirus won’t suppress the artistic output of this fabled neighborhood. To view all these theater groups, artists, painters, sculptures, dancers, actors, puppet makers, poets, musical comedy stars, kid performers and street performers, go online to: for plays, dance, dramas, cinema, and more.


Dramas to be performed include:

  • Barbara Kahn, "The End of Time" performed by Jenne Vath

  • 13th Street Repertory Theatre, selection from "Handicapped God"

  • Toby Armour, "They Will Come" with Richard Quint

  • Susana Cook and Timo Hughes, "Are You There?"

  • Walter Corwin, "Curse of the Aging Fortune Teller"

  • Selection from "The White Blacks" by Melanie Goodreaux

  • "The Disputation," a play by Hyam Macoby, directed by Robert Kalfin, starring Theo Bikel

  • Anne Lucas, an original monologue


For fans of puppetry there’s:

  • Bread and Puppet Theater

  • Vit Horejš and Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

  • Arlee Chadwick

  • Chinese Theatre Works (Kuan Yu Fang and Steve Kaplan)

  • Jane Catherine Shaw

  • Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre

  • Yuko Uchida


As well as a selection of feature-length films and shorts, curated by Eva Dorrepaal

  • "Don't Be Like Roy" by Julianna Schley

  • "Scumbag" by Mars Roberge

  • "Puta Libre" by Kevin Haeflin & Blaise Villars

  • "Ding-A-Ling-Less" by Onur Tekel

  • "Box of Nails" by Mark Borkowski

  • "Safe Harbour Amsterdam" by Jack Luceno

  • "Park 51" by Christopher Capelluto

  • "Neverland" by Erik Wegner

  • "Arlene's World Famous" by Jorge Torres-Torres

  • "Elegy" by Chad Gardella

  • "Final Position" by Nelson Farber

  • "Choke Artists," written by T.D. White, directed by Chad Gardella

  • "Tru Romance" by Celine Dayan-bonilla

  • "The Poet and the Professor" by Ariel Kavoussi

  • "The Lessons" by Alberto Ferreras

  • "Inside the Cage" by Kenichi Nakajima and Yuko Uchida

  • "Every End is a Beginning" by David McDonald


This is just a small portion of what the The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts has to offer viewers.

To learn more, go to:

The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
May 22 - 24, 2020


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