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“Evony: The King’s Return” Named “Best MMO” in Samsung’s Best of Galaxy Store Awards


The gaming industry continues to grow year after year and Top Games Inc is quickly rising to the head of the class. First off, Samsung has just recognized "Evony: the King’s Return” —Top Games Inc. flagship title — as Best MMO in Samsung’s Best of the Galaxy Store Awards for 2022. While Samsung honors Top Games Inc., King Kong could be making a comeback.

In response, Top Games Inc. CEO and Co-Founder David Guo said, “On behalf of the team here at Top Games, we thank Samsung for awarding us the honor of Best MMO in the Samsung Store for 2022. We thank all of our players for the love and support shown. Games bring us together no matter where we are in the world. Together, we can make an even greater community.”

Mixing real-time strategy, RPG, and challenging puzzles, “Evony: the King’s Return” creates a new hybrid game genre, allowing players to choose from different civilizations and roles while engaging in city-building and forging alliances. The game also throws in a splash of history, featuring such famous leaders as Julius Caesar and George Washington. The intuitive Evony tutorial and real-time challenge of gameplay inject fresh energy into an otherwise saturated genre.

Through an auto-translation system, “Evony: the King’s Return” players can chat and even build friendships with others across cultures and countries around the world. Players can also build and join alliances that strengthen battle strategies and challenge foes across the platform. Evony offers a significant level of interactivity and creative potential, allowing players to continually discover new ways to build, defend, and interact. This functionality makes the playing experience incredibly rewarding.

Additionally, it allows players to interact and solve many different puzzles at varying difficulties and points in the game. Evony’s interactive puzzle feature offers a wide range of challenging puzzle scenes that range from simple to brain-burning, an amazing and highly engaging addition to the player experience which rewards players solving the puzzles with many free items.

This Top Games’s title also has earned other awards such as Silver with NYX Game Awards 2022, 31st Top Grossing App Worldwide for Apple and Google Play, Exemplary Cinematography Merit Award Super Bowl Commercial with The One Show and #2 in Top 10 Music & Sound Award Super Bowl Commercials with Shoot Digital.

Recently, a new update was released which showcased bringing the world of Kong: Skull Island into the Evony: the King’s Return game. The collaboration between Top Games Inc and Legendary resulted in even more players downloading the game and begin their journey through the mists to battle foes from the movie and collect special heroes.

Evony: the King’s Return is a cross-platform game available on Samsung’s Galaxy Store, Google Play,Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Bluestacks.

The awards ceremony can be viewed online.

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