11th Annual DOC NYC: Online for the First Time

I Am Greta

The 11th annual DOC NYC Festival (and the first iteration of the fest to ever go online) runs November 11 to the 19th. The festival begins at 1:00PM ET on Facebook Live, with legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog, volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, and more.

DOC NYC is split into several sections, each with a different focus. The Masters section of the fest spotlights the newest work from nonfiction directors like Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar (9to5: The Story of a Movement), and Errol Morris (My Psychedelic Love Story). The Arts & Culture section takes a look at films on the arts, including Larissa Bills’s On Pointe and Sachi Cunningham and Vayabobo’s Crutch. Fight the Power features politically charged films such as I Am Greta, Youth V Gov, and Unapologetic

To learn more, go to: https://www.docnyc.net/

November 11 - 19, 2020