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Museum of the Moving Image takes First Look Festival to MUBI


Interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, the Museum of the Moving Image is shifting the 2020 First Look Festival to the streaming platform MUBI. The festival features four films: ManBird Talk (Dir. Xawery Żuławski), Searching Eva (Dir. Pia Hellenthal), Transnistra (Dir. Anna Eborn), and Nofinofy (Dir. Michael Andrianaly), will stream each Monday in May exclusively on MUBI.

  • Nofinofy
    Available Starting May 4
    Dir. Michael Andrianaly. France, Madagascar. 2019, 72 mins. When his hairdressing salon is destroyed by the municipality, Romeo must leave the high street of Toamasina for a harder-to-find shack in a residential neighborhood. Intimately observed yet effortlessly reflective of issues confronting Madagascar today, Nofinofy is a marvel of economy as of patient empathy.
  • Transnistra
    Available Starting May 12
    Dir. Anna Eborn. Sweden, Denmark, Belgium. 2019, 96 mins. Shot on 16mm and set in the self-declared nation of Transnistria (Priednestrovia), this film follows a group of 16 year olds over a cycle of seasons, witnessing the end of their youth and their first attempts forging futures either within or beyond their small community.
  • Searching Eva
    Available Starting May 18
    Dir. Pia Hellenthal. Germany. 2019, 84 mins. A writer, a model, a queer activist, a sex worker, a social media personality—all of these apply to the Italian-born Eva Collé. Yet, director Pia Hellenthal takes care to never define Eva, whose notoriety is dispersed among various platforms and avatars and purposely avoids being pigeonholed into a fixed identity.
  • Bird Talk
    Available Starting May 25

    Dir. Xawery Żuławski. Poland. 2019, 138 mins. Working from an unrealized script by his father, the late Andrzej Żuławski, award-winning Polish filmmaker Xawery Żuławski unleashes a wild, urgent, friskily entertaining explosion of cinema, spilling into hybrid nonfiction. In a society increasingly leaning towards conformity, faith, and reactionary politics, the film highlights characters operating on its fringes.

First Look is the Museum’s annual festival of new, innovative international cinema. The 9th edition, scheduled for March 11 through 15, was cut short after the first two days as the Museum building was closed in efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. The Museum of the Moving Image also features streaming films on its website of View From Home and Live Online streaming events.

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