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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up

Comic-Con 2011 held every year in San Diego is the Mecca for geeks everywhere to show the world their "geekdom". It's not uncommon to find yourseSan Diego Comic-Con 2011lf at the convention mingling with an anime character look-alike and big name celebrities at the same time, assuming you can find them in the massive crowd.

Ever since its beginning in 1970, the convention has steadily grown in attendance, topping out at over 150,000 people in 2010. Currently, the event is held in the San Diego Convention Center where it is planned to host the event until 2015. SDCC is the premier event for anything comic books, movies, TV and even video games.

Unlike the other high caliber events like E3 and CES, Comic-Con is open to the public and is enjoyed by every kind of attendee, including collectors, fan boys and the journalist elite.

The biggest spectacle on display, however, are the cosplayers: people dressed in costume as their favorite fictional characters. Some costumes take years of planning with attention to detail. Costume contests are common at display booths where the best suit often wins large prizes.

While the SDCC show floor is the main gathering point, the panels and talks are the main attraction. With lines lasting on average of 3 hours, popular panels featuring stars like Adam Sessler from G4, WWE wrestlers Triple H and Rey Mysterio, Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and many others cover all aspects of entertainment media. Movie announcements, video game details, TV show announcements and release dates of featured comic books are discussed by industry experts and attended by regular fans.

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con did not disappoint with numerous announcements.


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)The Amazing Spider Man
dir. Marc Webb
At the Sony panel, the unveiling of the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man was unexpected. A fan dressed up in Cosplay as Spider-Man went up to the stage during the movie presentation. The costume appeared to have come from the costume store next door and half-hastily put on.

As the mock Spider-Man approached the microphone, he took off the mask and revealed to the audience his true identity as Andrew Garfield, the actor portraying Spider-Man in the upcoming blockbuster movie. The presentation concluded with a teaser trailer for the movie being shot in 3D.

Mass Effect: The Mmass effectovie
Screen writer Mark Protosevich
Game Creator Casey Hudson
Mass Effect: The Movie was on topic at this year's SDCC during the Legendary Pictures panel. Both the lead screen writer and the game creator acknowledged the lackluster history of video game-based movies, and plan on creating a visual experience which should break that trend.

Protosevich mentioned that previous movie makers in the genre concentrated on visuals and action rather than the spirit of the game they were recreating. However, no additional news on the title was presented, but every gamer is looking forward to the title.

Jurassic Park 4
dir. Steven Spielberg
Rumors of the fourth installment have been floating around the internet since Jurassic Park 3. Steven Spielberg himself confirmed JP4 with a tagline "An adventure 65 million years in the making." He hinted at a release date within 2 or 3 years but didn't share any details on cast or writing staff.


Mortal Kombat
Freddy Krueger DLC on Mortal KombatThe newest edition of the classic fighting series was released with triumphant success. Since then, new characters and costumes were released to the gaming public. The fourth and final new character was announced at SDCC as the nightmare himself, Freddy Krueger, makes his appearance in the game. He will be available for download on August 9, 2011 with 400 Microsoft points or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network.

Puddle is a physics based puzzle game where the player controls the tilt of the world in order to get liquids through the level. It's almost like looking into an ant farm, tilting it to get water to travel through all the different crevices throughout. For either the Xbox or PlayStation, control of the world is done through use of the Xbox analog sticks or by tilting the Sony DualShock 3 controller. The goal is to get the maximum about of liquid to the end of a stage in the shortest amount of time.

Also shown at E3 2011, Leadmees by Konami is basically Lemmings for the Kinect. Using the Kinect camera, players are to position themselves in a way so that small characters on the screen go from one end of the level to the other, all while ensuring their safety. Players will find themselves contorting their bodies in order to save these cute little creatures.

The Walking Dead: The Game
Based on the popular comic book collection and the recent television series, Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Game is expected to live up to its predecessor. The game focuses on Lee Everett and takes place during the events of the comics. A moral choice system is implemented in this Telltale title and adds hours of replay value to the experience. No release date has been set.

Sideway the GameThink about how awesome Mario was at the 2D platform genre. Now think about putting that game in 3D. No, not all in 3D, but just the environment.

That game would be Sideway, a 2D side scrolling adventure set in a three-dimensional world. You play as Nox, a graffiti artist who one day finds himself as the artwork itself. Jumping from wall to wall, Nox must find his way out of the walls and back to normal life. The game will retail for $10 on the PlayStation Network later this year.


CM Punk crashes Comic-Con
At the WWE panel featuring WWE legends Bret Hart, Triple H and Rey Mysterio, CM Punk made an impromptu appearance with the WWE title belt in hand. For those of you not familiar with the saga behind the new wrestler, CM Punk officially is not part of the WWE since the Pay-Per-View Money in the Bank in which CM Punk won his title. His contract ended that day and he hasn't been seen in the wrestling world since then. Mobs of people surrounded the infamous wrestler, taking pictures and videos with him.CM Punk at Comic-Con

After demanding the microphone, CM Punk took the opportunity to give a long speech mentioning WWE president Vince McMahon's tournament for the next WWE Champion. Fans and skeptics aren't sure whether CM Punk's appearance in the event means he will return to the WWE or whether this is his final hurrah as he fades out of the spotlight.

Green Lantern Animated Series
Following up on the movie release of Green Lantern, four clips were shown at this year's SDCC at a panel featuring executive producer Bruce Timm, producer Sam Register, Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg.

Audience questions didn't lead to very many answers about the series, but the topic of Red Lanterns was brought up. For the series, the Red Lanterns will appear more humanoid to make them kid-friendly rather than sprawling beasts best known in the comics. The ultimate goal is to create a long-lasting series with many inspired spin-offs.

Tron: Uprising
At the Kick Buttowski panel sponsored by Disney XD, concept art and animation test footage for Tron: Uprising was revealed. The series takes place before the movie Tron: Legacy. Actor Elijah Wood voices the protagonist Beck raising to become the next Tron. The CGI and music is similar to the latest movie with similar feel to its soundtrack, crafted by electronic group Daft Punk. The series is set to launch next year with 10 micro-episodes in early 2012.

The San Diego Comic-Con is held every year in at the San Diego Convention Center.

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