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ABOUT US sits "at the crossroads of festivals and travel," as our motto states. Launched in 2009, the site offers one-stop surfing for the latest intelligence on festivals and the exhibition sector, from conventions and expos to trade shows and art fairs, which marks an exploding trend in travel.
Our content reflects our belief that such showcases are a way of bringing together like-minded communities in a shared and newsworthy experience.
Tourism boards, film commissions, trade groups and others now look to themed gatherings such as festivals and expos as a critical piece of their outreach. With an occasion to host marquee talent or other headline personalities, an experiential forum – and its awards ceremony – is news.
Only FFT tracks this phenomenon. We aggregate and connect the dots of its growth: where it has been and where it is headed.
We also serve up practical travel tips. FFT spans the world's showcases to serve your needs, whether you're planning to make the trek or are just an armchair traveler seeking vicarious bragging rights. Here you'll learn about high-buzz work and the extended events that celebrate it, as well as how to go, where to stay and what to do once there.
Editorial Content:
On the entertainment front, FFT presents previews, features, interviews, reviews, blogs and anything else we consider intrinsically captivating.  Don't be surprised to find coverage on festivals and cultural issues that go beyond cinema:  Because films span such a broad array of subjects, we'll also keep you current on the larger world of events and ideas in the popular and fringe culture.
Look for raw insights from filmmakers and celebrities on their festival films; artists and curators on exhibitions; and comics- and videogame-creators on products and happenings. You'll also find "first-look" reporting that takes you behind the production scenes and reviews of standout festival films.
A guiding spirit of our site is that, whether in the big city or the small sticks, users want to be in the know — to be able to tell their friends, "Oh, this new movie is opening the such-and-such film festival and I hear that…." Thousands of movie sites post lists and reviews of new releases, but FFT tracks the films — from hidden gems to dogs-to-be-avoided — at film festivals around the globe.
On the travel side, the site explores the destinations, arrangements and accessories to help you make the most of your journey. Our crack team of travel writers report from the ground on every continent. We also tell you about special deals and ways to avoid hassels. So many movies ignites your wanderlust, and now here's a site that gives bankable context and tips as you go to plan your trip.
Look for additional features as the site continues to expand:
Scheduling Calendar:
FFT will offer a comprehensive slate of upcoming events spanning film and other festivals, conventions, expositions/trade shows and exhibitions.
In partnership with a leading travel agency, the site will host an easy interface for travel booking and a Film Festival Traveler store.
Feel free to let us know how you're finding our site. In other words, welcome to the FFT community. We appreciate your thoughts. 


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